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About us

Aymae was born in 2014, south Santiago, in central Chile.

We offer Interior Design and Furniture made from reused materials, hand built by local carpenters and artisans.

We are a multidisciplinary team that seeks integral and sustainable solutions to the challenges we face.

Benefits of recycled wood

Its main feature is the "stability" granted by the passage of time. The wine barrels are pieces of excellent quality since barrel manufacturers demand slow-growing oaks. In addition, the tannic acid of wine offers antibacterial properties to the wood. 

On the other side, reclaimed woods / lumber, over the years, acquire a natural drying, reaching high densities and low humidity levels. The wood is reused in a piece of furniture that also brings with it all the history from its previous life.

Our Mission

To use Design and Furniture manufacture as a conservation tool, of practical and aesthetic solutions, that inspire towards a conscious and sustainable living.

Our Vision

Consolidate Aymae as an environmental responsible company, with a sustainable production and always with a positive message.

An upcycling business model, trough commercial alliances with vineyards and demolition companies that have great materials to be reused. To promote a circular business model to society, transforming waste into a good, fostering the sustainability and innovation of our industries.

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